Get the Big Idea & Let All Else Follow

Allow one of our doctors to present Phase One of this inspirational presentation to create purpose, passion and harmony in your life. Inspired by love you can learn how to unleash your full potential through an understanding and awareness of these time-tested universal principles. Do not miss this opportunity to stimulate and educate your heart and mind that will transform the way you live your life.
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Degeneration & Decay: The Last Straw

Simple and easy ways to turn negative Physical, Chemical, and Mental/Emotional stress into positive and powerful energy. Dr. Jamie Garvey will give you what you need to fight osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease and much more. Reduce stress, boost energy and gain control over your life. Function more efficiently. Live better. Live longer.

Stress Management: The final Class

Know it all in 45 minutes of this condensed but thorough seminar. 10 techniques guaranteed to change your entire outlook on life. “The mark of an educated mind is the ability to entertain a thought without having to accept it” Aristotle enuf said!

Health… Revisited

Current health care statistics in the Canada and the USA are reviewed and compared with other nations of the world. We discuss the true nature of health by answering questions like: What is health, Who is responsible for your health, Where does health come from, etc. This is essential to a foundational understanding of health so that a person can then begin to make educated decisions about their health.

Your Self Healing System

What really causes healing to occur in our bodies? What is it that maintains us in a healthy state? What is it that fails and leads us to pain, disease and death? Join with me in a review of current thoughts from great minds such as Deepak Chopra, Bernie Segal, Wayne Dyer, B.J. Palmer and others who are pioneering new understanding into these very questions, revealing that there is an innate intelligence within each of us that maintains us in a healthy state, and when we digress into pain and disease it is because there has been a breakdown, or interference, in the ability of our own inner intelligence to exert its effects. Truly fascinating and ground breaking information!

3 Habits to Heal Your Body

This is an informative and lively seminar showing that the formation of proper health habits TODAY will lead to a healthier tomorrow. We reinforce the importance of three areas: Water & Nutrition, Exercise, and Proper Spinal Health, (the first three areas covered in our Personal Health Plan). I discuss why proper nutrition is quintessential to health and what to look for to eat healthy. The importance of consistent, proper exercise is emphasized. I also discuss the necessity of having a healthy nerve system through Chiropractic.

Powerful Sleep… Powerful Healing

When we think of sleep, we might all say…”I’m too busy for that now”, or “That usually happens from 12am - 6am.” We might be found taking sleeping pills to aid in an elusive restful sleep. If this is you then WAKE UP! and realize that something must be done to correct this damaging cycle. Sleep is essential to proper function, healing, and maintenance of the body. If you are not sleeping well, or enough, then you are not functioning, maintaining, or healing well. What does this have to do with Health? EVERYTHING! Come learn.

Emotional/Mental Stress… Physical Consequences!

Increasing demands from inside and outside drain your internal energy reserves and threaten to cause mental, emotional, and physical anguish - even disease, if chronically persistent. Come and learn what we know about the physical and psychological effects of stress on your body systems and what you can do to minimize, eliminate and even reverse these nagitive processes of (eliminate - in some cases, and better manage in most cases - the stress in your life.

Integrity: A Pillar of Health

Integrity is often thought to be important in church and business only. But when Integrity is absent from our daily lives it brings a host of problems that create a positive feedback cycle. Integrity is integral to mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. Are you living what you hold as your deepest beliefs? Begin to understand that the extent to which you are living with integrity will be the extent to which you enjoy Health.